Information, Advice and Support for Young Carers

Information, Advice and Support for Young Carers

Support services in Derbyshire for young carers - under 18 years

Derbyshire Young Carer Support Service – the service is provided by Derbyshire Carers Associaton. Follow the link to find out how they can help support you with all sorts of things including your education, social life and getting a break. Or ring them on tel: 01773 833833

Derbyshire School Nurse Service - offer support and advice to young carers, including helping you access support services and making sure you are healthy.

Space 4 U - can help young people who are seriously affected by someone else's drug use (usually someone in your family).  They offer help and advice on issues such as friendships, worries about family life, information on drugs and alcohol, and keeping safe. They can also offer access to First Aid training. 

Counselling - some young carers just want someone to talk to. If you haven't got a friend or family member that you want to talk things through with, you could try counselling services. Relate offer counselling services for young people in Derbyshire or you could use the Counselling Directory which lets you look for services near you. Or you could speak to your school nurse or doctor and ask them to refer you to a counsellor

Make sure you tell your doctor that you're a young carer as they might be able to offer help to make things easier for you and the person you look after.

Young adult carers - 18 to 25 years

If you're between 18 and 25 you're classed as a 'young adult carer'. You can use services for adult carers but you can also get support from Derbyshire Carers Young Adult Carers Support service. It's up to you.  The service supports those aged 16-25 with a particular focus on helping you with your education (school, college or uni), training or getting a job. They can also help you with your future aspirations and career / work plans. To ask the service ring 01773 833833 and ask for young adult carer support.

Online information and helplines

The NHS Choices website has lots of information about who can help young carers as well as practical advice on how to balance being a carer with the normal things people your age do, such as school work and seeing friends.

The Childline website has lots of really good information and advice for young carers. You can also use their helpline if you ever want to talk to someone in confidence on tel: 0800 1111

The Samaritans are waiting on the end of the phone any time of the day or night. If you need to talk, give them a call on tel: 116 123

Young carers rights - getting help

Your local council has a legal duty to assess your needs as a young carer and see what kind of help is available for you and your family. If you live in Derbyshire your local council is Derbyshire County Council on tel: 01629 533190. If you live in Derby City it's Derby City Council on tel: 01332 640000.

If you have an assessment, a worker will talk about being a young carer and how you feel about your education/training, leisure/social opportunities and what you want to do in the future. They’ll ask whether you want to carry on being a young carer (it's okay if you do and it's okay if you don't) and will be able to put you in touch with services that can help support you whatever you want to do. They may also be able to arrange services to help support the person you care for.

If you haven't been assessed or if things have changed recently, you can contact Call Derbyshire on tel: 01629 533190. If you live in Derby ring 01332 640000. If you're not sure whether your address falls in the city or the county, Derbyshire Carers Association will be able to help - they cover both areas so just give them a call on 01773 833833 

Why young carers shouldn't be afraid to ask for help

Many young carers provide care that someone of their age wouldn't usually be expected to give. If you feel like you are in this situation then it's important that you think about whether you are able to keep providing care. 

You may really want to help out the person you care for because you are close to them. But as a young carer you shouldn't really be spending too much of your time caring for someone, as this can get in the way of doing well at school and doing the same kinds of things as other  people your age do, such as seeing friends, taking part in sports and other social things. 

It's important to find the right balance between your own life and caring - the services listed above can help you do that. Don't be afraid to ask for help or say that you want to do less caring. 

Caring for someone with a mental health problem

If you are looking after someone with a mental health problem you may find you have to try and support them through bouts of depression, panic attacks or bi-polar episodes. Scottish Young Carers have developed a useful guide  with practical tips on how to deal with those kind of situations

But if you are struggling to help someone with a mental health problem then ask for help from the organisations above. It's not easy for anyone to care for someone with mental health problems, let alone a young person like you.

Dealing with emergencies

The 'are you a carer in crisis' page has phone numbers of people and organisations to contact in an emergency.

It's a good idea to get a plan in place for emergency situations before they happen. Derbyshire Carers Young Carers Service will be able to help you do this.

Managing relationships

If you are looking after a close family member such as a parent, brother or sister, you may find that your caring role puts a strain on your relationship with them. Particularly if you are looking after a parent, it may make your relationship feel a little bit strange - it may feel like your the parent sometimes! 

The Carers Trust have developed a relationship guide that gives tips on how to deal with relationships including sections on caring for a siblingcaring for a parent and generally dealing with the stresses of being a carer.    

Childline also has lots of advice about dealing with family relationships including looking after someone with mental health issues, dealing with death and also living in a step-family. 


As a young carer you may find it helpful to get some training. This could be on things like First Aid or how to help someone move around without hurting yourself in the process - this is called 'moving and handling'. Our training for carers page has more information about courses and the Young Carer Support Service will also be able to help you find out what's available.

Derbyshire Carers Association can also offer training so if you need any help give them a ring on the number above.

Other helpful websites

This information was last updated on 23/01/2018

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