Category: Getting support

Time Swap Derbyshire - how carers can use the scheme to get some help

22 February 18

A carers job can be 24/7. Often there isn’t time to complete odd jobs around the home, run errands or do those jobs you just keep putting off as your caring role takes priority. But with the Timeswap scheme you can get help to do those jobs and in return offer your own skills, hobbies and interests to help out others. As a carer you’re probably thinking ‘I don’t have any…

Carers journey - getting support at all stages of your caring life

18 October 17

For many carers looking after someone can be a journey with different stages and experiences along the way.  Not all carers will experience the same stages. Some carers' journeys take different directions to others, some will stay in a particular stage for a long time, while another carer will find they pass that stage by altogether. However, there are some elements of the carers journey…

For carers, by carers: 10 savvy suggestions for those new to caring

15 September 17

We’ve collected together 10 pieces of advice and information aimed at new carers who look after an adult in Derbyshire.  Many of these tips have come straight from other carers, while others have come from  health and social care professionals who work with unpaid carers every day.    If you’ve just become an carer (or just realised you’re now classed as…