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Young Carers Awareness Day – are you or someone you know a Young Carer?

23 January 18

January 25th is Young Carers Awareness Day. So who’s a Young Carer and where can they get help and support? A Young Carer is someone under 18 who provides care and support, usually for a relative. In some families children as young as 5 are known to help look after someone. Many young carers don’t realise that they’re a carer. They just see themselves as someone who helps out…

Being a carer at Christmas - top tips for the festive season

12 December 17

Many people enjoy putting their feet up and relaxing over Christmas. But for carers the challenges of looking after someone combined with the extra pressures of Christmas can mean they don't get the chance to have a break. Christmas is a time for family, festivities and fun, but when you’re a carer it can be a difficult time for many reasons.  What carers say about Christmas Lucy, aged…

For carers, by carers: 10 savvy suggestions for those new to caring

15 September 17

We’ve collected together 10 pieces of advice and information aimed at new carers who look after an adult in Derbyshire.  Many of these tips have come straight from other carers, while others have come from  health and social care professionals who work with unpaid carers every day.    If you’ve just become an carer (or just realised you’re now classed as…