Changes to carers support from April 2017

Changes to carers support from April 2017

Derbyshire County Council (DCC) Adult Care have written a letter to carers to explain changes to services for carers and how they will be delivered in Derbyshire from 1 April 2017 onwards. The letter was sent to people who are registered with DCC Adult Care or Derbyshire Carers Association as a carer.

If you aren't registered but would like to be, you can fill in the registration form on the Derbyshire Carers website. Registering ensures you are kept up to date with news and information relevant to carers.

The letter sent by Adult Care contains the following information.

Carers Support Service - Derbyshire Carers Association

Derbyshire Carers Association are now the lead provider of the Carers Support Service for all carers residing in Derbyshire. This includes providing support to young carers.

Previously a variety of organisations were funded to provide support to carers, and young carers services were provided separately.

Carers assessments

The majority of carers assessments will be carried out by Derbyshire Carers Association.

Organisations such as Thinkcarer and the Alzheimer’s Society will no longer carry out carer assessments.

Carer personal budgets

More money has been invested in carer personal budgets.

Payments are available to meet agreed outcomes if you have eligible needs as a result of your caring role. Meeting your outcomes could be getting a break from caring or buying something that makes your life as a carer easier.

The amount of money you receive will be linked to your level of need, which will be determined by a carers assessment.

Adult Care believe the new system is fairer and give carers more flexibility. The carer personal budget page has further information.

Sitting services and carers breaks

Sitting services provide planned short-term support for the person you look after when you cannot carry out your normal caring role, for example, if you need to attend an appointment. Previously, Adult Care paid money in advance direct to organisations to provide sitting services to carers.

From 1st April 2017 onwards, if a sitting service is needed you can pay for it from the money allocated to you, following an assessment, as a carer personal budget. This means you can use the money can pay for a service of your choice. 

You have the option of arranging the service yourself directly with the provider or you can get support to make arrangements. You can also buy sitting services independently (self funded).

Carers are encouraged to develop an emergency plan for situations that arise unexpectedly and mean replacment care is needed.   

Carers Emergency Cards

The Carers Emergency Card scheme will continue but improvements are planned. This includes changes to the way the scheme is managed, better communication about what the scheme offers and a new design for the card. There will be more information about this in the next few months.

Self help and peer support

The new Carers Support Service provided by Derbyshire Carers supports existing carer support groups and will help new carer groups to become established. Current groups are listed in the Carers Directory which will be proactively updated on a regular basis.

Better information for carers

Adult Care continue to produce the booklet called Guide to Carers Services. An updated version of the booklet is now available and will soon be made widely available in public places such as doctors’ surgeries and council offices. You can also request a copy using the Adult Care online order form. The booklet will be available in large print, BSL, audio and easy read on request.

A paper/printable version of the Carers Directory is also planned.

Adult Care lead on the development and maintenance of this website with help from its partners.

Mental Health Engagement Service

From July 2017 Healthwatch Derbyshire will provide a Mental Health Service Receiver and Carer Engagement Service. They will release more details about the service soon. 

Further information

The 'where to start' and 'what help is out there for carers' section give an overview of the support carers can use. The Carers Directory also has services such as support groups and helplines listed. You can also read the (draft) Joint Carers Strategy 2016-2019.

If you'd like further information about the changes to carers services please contact us and we'll make sure your comment is passed to the correct place.

Carers services are jointly funded by the Derbyshire NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (led by Southern Derbyshire CCG who lead on services for carers on behalf of all the CCGs) and Derbyshire County Council.

This information was last updated on 15/05/2018

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