Carers in Derbyshire aims to ensure all information published is accessible to all users.

The main partners of Carers in Derbyshire offer information in other formats on request such as large print, easy read, British Sign Language, Braille, audio and alternate langauges. Please contact them directly.

Website accessibility

Text size and simplify

You can use the 'simplify' option to remove images from pages and reposition side bar items to the bottom of the page. This makes the pages text only.

Once the site has been simplified, you will be given options to increase and decrease the size of the text on the pages by selecting the 'A' symbols. These features are best utilised on text content pages and the carers directory listings.  

You cannot increase the text size on the site without first selecting simplify. This is to ensure that the design and layout of the site isn't compormised by changing the text size.

However, if you prefer to keep the images and side bar items visible,  you can use your device's zoom feature to increase or decrease the text size:

I'm using a

to increase the           text size:

to decrease the text size: to reset the text size:
Windows computer / laptop Press Ctrl and + on your keyboard Press Ctrl and - on your keyboard  Press Ctrl and 0 on your keyboard
Apple Mac computer / laptop Pres Cmd and + on your keyboard Press Cmd and - on your keyboard Press Cmd and 0 on your keyboard
Tablet /             smart phone Use 2 fingertips (move apart)  to zoom in on text N/A Double tap on the screen


The above table was developed by Derbyshire Community Health Services. 


Use the contrast switcher at the top of each website page to adjust the colours of the background and the text font. You can choose from two settings, high contrast (white text on a black background) and dyslexia (black text on a lilac background).

Or you can use the 'advanced options' to tailor the colours on the background, text and hyperlinks to suit your needs. 


Many smartphones and tablets have software built in that will read the information on the screen out loud. Check your device's instructions to see if it has this feature.


There are a number of free translation tools that you can use to translate our web pages into different languages.

But you should be aware that no automated translation is perfect, nor is it intended to replace human translators. 

We cannot take responsibility for any translation inaccuracies.

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This information was last updated on 17/05/2017

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