Caring for someone safely at home during the COVID-19 pandemic

16 June 2020
Caring for someone safely at home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Please see our information on Covid-19 vaccines for unpaid carers

Social Care Institute of Excellence (SCIE) Video Resources

SCIE have designed a series of video–based resources to help carers look after someone safely at home.

They are intended to help you care for people in any situation, and will be particularly useful if you are supporting someone during the Covid-19 crisis.

The videos cover:

  • How to help manage certain conditions
  • Providing everyday support for any person you care for

The videos are arranged in the following categories:

Staying healthy at home – videos focusing on maintaining the health of the person you are looking after, including nutrition and diet, preventing pressure ulcers, infection and falls.

Dementia – specific advice for people caring for someone living with dementia, such as spotting unusual behaviour, dealing with challenging behaviour, active listening, environment.

If you look after someone with dementia you can also get advice from the Derbyshire Dementia Support Service on tel: 01332 208845

Everyday support – videos providing advice and information about common caring scenarios.  Covering constipation, mouth care, mental health first aid, patient transport services, compression stockings, and catheter care.

If you have a concern – helpful advice for people caring at home during more challenging moments – when to use 111 and 999, delirium (sudden confusion), stroke

Emergency planning – support to help you care for family and friends and prepare for an emergency situation – 111 and 999, choking, airway and breathing and circulation (ABC), CPR, critical care.

Please also see our emergency planning top tips blog and information on Carers Emergency Cards.

More caring safely at home resources – SCIE has a range of useful resources that may help those caring for a family member at home – dementia resources hub, dementia e-learning, infection control e-learning.

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