COVID-19 Vaccine roll out for unpaid carers in Derbyshire

COVID-19 Vaccine roll out for unpaid carers in Derbyshire

The COVID-19 vaccination programme is progressing in Derbyshire, with qualifying unpaid carers under 65 now being called up for vaccination.

Vaccines are the way out of this pandemic. By getting vaccinated unpaid carers can help protect themselves from becoming seriously ill from COVID-19, so they can continue to be there for their family, friends and the people they care for. 

Carers who have been identified as a carer by their GP, social care, local carer service or the Department on Work and Pensions can book using the national booking system.

However, booking as a self indentified carer has been paused due to a reduction in vaccine supplies which is expected to continue throughout April 2021 (self identifying carers who've had their first vaccination can use the system to book their second if they haven't already been given an appointment). You can find out more about this on the Carers UK website

If you are not registered as carer with your GP surgery it's not too late, you can contact your surgery and ask about their registration process. Derbyshire Carers Association and social care staff can also offer support. Carers UK have advice about how to do this on their website.

Once vaccine supplies are restored and carers can once again self identify as a carer and book a vaccination we will update this page with information. 

Eligible carers are those who are:

What do carers need to do to prepare for the vaccine?

It is important carers take advantage of the opportunity to be vaccinated to protect themselves and those who depend on them so book an appointment as soon as you can. Your appointment will either be at a vaccination site in your local community supported by your GP practice or at a larger vaccination centre. 

Take steps to arrange alternative support for the person you are caring for while you're at your vaccination appointment. If you need help to arrange this, please contact Call Derbyshire on tel: 01629 533190 or Derbyshire Carers Association  on tel: 01773 833833 or email:

You can also read the coronavirus vaccination leaflet so you know what to expect when being vaccinated. 

What do unpaid carers need to take when attending for the vaccine? 

When you go and get your vaccine take along with you the confirmation of your appointment, photo ID to prove your identity, and your NHS number if you have it. You do not need to provide proof you are a carer.

If you are an eligible unpaid carer and you will be accompanying the person you care for to their own vaccination appointment at their local GP vaccination service and you haven’t received your invitation or made a booking yet, you must contact the GP surgery/vaccination service in advance if you wish to receive your vaccination at the same time. The vaccination sites are not able to support walk-in appointments. 

If there is more than one unpaid carer providing care to the same person, can we each get the vaccine? 

In some cases where caring responsibilities are shared, an additional person can be classed as a primary carer and receive a vaccination. Every possible effort will be made to vaccinate eligible carers at the same time as the people they care for, such as when they accompany them for a vaccination. 

What do you mean by unpaid carer? Who is included in the definition? 

Priority group 6 of the Covid-19 vaccine deployment programme (often referred to as the JCVI) covers all eligible adult unpaid carers. This means that anyone aged 16 and over who provides, or intends to provide, care to someone else will be eligible to receive the vaccination if they are registered with their GP. 

If you're an unpaid carer and you aren't sure if you are eligible please contact Derbyshire Carers Association on tel: 01773 833833 or email: and they will advise if you're eligible to receive the vaccine.

Am I included even though I don't get Carers Allowance?

Yes, you do not need to be in receipt of Carers Allowance to be eligible and recognised as an unpaid carer 

Am I included as a parent carer?

Yes, parent carers are included in priority group 6 of the Covid-19 vaccine deployment programme if providing care to a child with a severe neuro-disability. 

What about young carers who are 16 or 17, can they get the vaccine?

Yes, unpaid carers who are aged over 16 on 31 March 2021 will be offered the vaccine. 

Am I included even though I’m not registered as an unpaid carer with my GP?

Yes, you don't have to be registered as a carer with your GP to be included. But you may wish to tell them about your caring role the next time you speak with them to ensure they are aware, but please do not make an appointment especially for this. 

You can find information on registering with your GP on our website. There's a form that can be filled in and printed or emailed to your GP practice. Your GP practice can also assist you to complete this if required. 

Should I register with Derbyshire Carers Association even if I have booked my vaccination?

Yes, we encourage all carers to get in touch with Derbyshire Carers Association to find out what support is available. Although you do not need to do this to receive the vaccination, being registered as a carer will ensure you receive information and further details about support for carers and the vaccine roll out. You can register on their website using their online registration form, tel: 01773 833833 or email: 

Where can carers go for further information?

For further information about the vaccine please visit Joined Up Care Derbyshire's website or the NHS website.

You'll also find local information about Covid-19 restrictions, support services and vaccinations on the Derbyshire County Council website 

April 13 2021

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