The Derbyshire Dementia Support Service - Alzheimer's Society

The Derbyshire Dementia Support Service - Alzheimer's Society

Since December 2018 the Derbyshire Dementia Support Service has been provided by the Alzheimer's Society.

The service offers a range of support to anyone affected by dementia. They can provide you with information and support across a range of issues

  • Understanding dementia
  • How to get help locally
  • Maintaining independence
  • Financial and legal matters
  • Caring for people with dementia
  • Changes in relationships and behaviour
  • Community care
  • Long-stay care


The service can support both you and your family members/carers through the different stages of dementia.
They deliver a range of groups for people affected by memory loss or dementia where you can meet other people who have similar circumstances to you:

  • Memory Cafes
  • Carers Groups
  • Singing for the Brain

You can find the venues, dates and times of these groups listed in the carers directory.

You don’t need an official diagnosis of dementia or be of a certain age to get advice and support from the service.

To find out more about services in your area contact Derbyshire Dementia Support Service on tel: 01332 208845 or email:


December 01 2018

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