Information, advice and support for carers

Information, advice and support for carers

If you are looking after someone in Derbyshire there are a range of local services that offer information, advice and support.

If you've just become a carer it might be the information you need the most is about how to access support for the person you care for. If you are able to get more help for them, the burden on you as a carer can be lessened. However, regardless of how much extra help the person gets from a care-related service, it's still very important for you to get the information, advice and support you need to help manage your caring role.

Our website

This website has been designed with the aim of helping carers living in Derbyshire to find reliable, up-to-date information and details of support services for carers.

Carers Directory

The searchable Carers Directory includes details of carer support groups throughout the county, information services, services to help you get a break, dementia support, social activities and much more. 

Key information for carers

You'll also find information about key services for carers, including:

Printed information

If you prefer to access information in a printed format, the Guide to Carers Services booklet gives a good overview of the services available to carers in Derbyshire. You can order a printed copy online or by contacting Call Derbyshire on tel: 01629 533190.

Derbyshire Carers Association

Derbyshire Carers Association (DCA) are the lead provider for carers services in Derbyshire. They are commissioned by Derbyshire County Council and health services to provide support services for carers.

They carry out carers assessments and award Carer Personal Budgets on behalf of the Council. They also run support groups and activities throughout the county. You can find out more about them and the services they provide on the Derbyshire Carers Association page.

Other local organisations who support carers

There are many other local organisations, services and charities who can offer support to carers. The Carers Directory has details of local services who can offer advice, information and support services. 

If you need a help that is specific to the condition or illness of the person you care for, the 'caring for someone with' pages have details of organisations who may be able to help you. 

There are also links to other local organisations in the 'other helpful websites' section below. 

Support from Derbyshire County Council 

All local authorities providing social care have a responsibility to support carers who look after an adult. You can find out more on the Care Act for carers and carers eligibility pages. If you're a young carer (under 18), see the young carers page. If you're a parent carer, please see the caring for a child page

Derbyshire County Council and the Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Groups fund Derbyshire Carers Association (details above) to provide the Carer Support Service on their behalf. This includes carrying out carers assessments

The Council's Adult Care department administrate the Carer Emergency Card scheme and produce the Guide to Carers Services booklet which gives an overwiew of the support available to carers. 

If they aren't already doing so, Adult Care may be able to provide support to the person you care for if they have care and support needs (subject to eligibility). This could include respite care for the person you look after so you can get a break from your caring role.

Peer support and online communities

Quite often carers just need someone to talk to who understand what they are going through. The Carers Directory has details of support groups and social activities for carers. In many cases the groups are set up and run by other carers.

If you struggle to get out to support groups, there are lots of  online communities for carers which you can use at any time of the day or night. Some communities are national, or even international, while others are based locally. Many communities have question and answers sessions and guest blog posts which you can look to get advice and answers to queries.

Other sources of practical help, information and advice

Caring can present all kinds of challenges, from filling in forms to coping with emotions.

Carers UK have an advice line where they offer information and support with claiming benefits, accessing services, employments rights for carers and much more. The line is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm on tel: 0808 808 7777. Calls to the advice line are free from UK landlines and most major mobile networks.

Carers UK also have an online tool called Upfront where you answer a few simple questions about your situation to get the information and advice you need.

NHS Carers Direct is an advice line and web chat service for carers. The line is open Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm and weekends from 11am-4pm on tel: 0300 123 1053

Citizens Advice can offer help with practical, financial and legal matters. The Derbyshire branches of Citizens Advice centres are listed in the Carers Directory

Rothera Sharp Solicitors and Derbyshire Carers Association have teamed up with  to offer free legal advice clinics for carers.

Keeping safe

Everyone has the right to live life free from abuse. The keeping safe page has further information about different kinds of abuse, Safeguarding procedures and advice for carers who may be experiencing abuse or are concerned that the person they care for is being abused. 

If you or the person you care for are at risk of any kind of abuse, contact the Police on tel: 999 in an emergency, tel: 101 in a non emergency or Call Derbyshire for information and advice on tel: 01629 533190

There are also local and national organisations who can offer support and advice.

Helpful websites and documents

Many local and national organisations that have developed excellent information and advice guides for carers:

This information was last updated on 24/01/2019

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